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Supercon's Standard Superconductors


NbTi Superconducting Wires
Supercon's standard product selection includes monofilament and multifilament NbTi (Niobium Titanium) superconducting wires with a wide range of filament count, filament size and copper-to-superconductor ratio. 
The multifilament superconductors are designed for the construction of NMR analytical systems, NMR and MRI imaging magnets requiring more stability, and other general purpose DC magnets.

The monofilament NbTi alloys are clad with high conductivity cryogenic grade copper.  The current density is well balanced with the size of the NbTi alloy core and the stabilization provided by the copper cladding.  Applications include shim coils and liquid Helium level sensors.

Nb3Sn Superconducting Wires
For high field (HF) applications, Supercon produces Nb3Sn (Niobium Tin) conductors manufactured by the bronze process. The bronze process offers superior manufacturability, allowing delivery of long length wire with high current density and low AC loss.  A simplified reaction heat treatment for bronze Nb3Sn improves the reliability and manufacturability for the magnet producer.
CuNi Resistive Wires
Designed for use in superconducting switches, particularly for use in coils designed to operate in the persistant mode. Highly resistive CuNi (90/10) matrix conductors.
Fine SC Wires
For your low-current applications that require diameters smaller than 0.3mm, Supercon carries several types of fine superconducting wires.
Specialty Conductors
Supercon's experience and technical innovation enables us to customize conductors to your requirements. Whatever your filament count, size, shape, or cable configuration needs, we can work with you to develop and manufacture a suitable superconducting wire. Two recent examples of custom superconductors Supercon developed are the Very Small Filament (VSF) and the High Field (HF) NbTi supeconductor.
All standard electrical insulations can be applied - the most common being Formvar.
The Original Superconductor Manufacturer
Supercon, Inc. has been manufacturing superconducting wire longer than any company in the world. We are actively involved in the research, development and production of all types of low temperature superconductors. Supercon's wide range of standard products and innovative customizing capability allows us to serve all your superconductor needs. Combine that with Supercon's sister company, Anomet Products, for your one stop manufacturer for custom clad metal products.
Low Temperature Superconductor Materials
Standard products include niobium-titanium and niobium tin superconducting wires in various sizes, shapes and ratios. Our experience and unique capabilities enable us to design custom conductors to meet your individual technical specifications and delivery schedules.
Some of Supercon's many specialty products include:
  • CuMn and aluminum stabilized conductors
  • Rutherford and Litz cables
  • Shaped conductors
  • Bulk forms of NbTi
  • Fine wires as small as 0.001 inch in diameter 

Size and Shape Supercon composites can be made with a variety of uniform cross sections.
Critical Current and Field Requirements Supercon NbTi superconductors can be used economically for fields up to 90 kilogauss. Short sample currents are guaranteed.
Stability Requirements Specified in part by the copper to superconductor ratio (Cu:SC), this ratio may range as high as 10 to 1, or higher in soldered conductors.
Number and Size of Filaments The number and size of superconducting filaments are determined by the current capacity and the stability requirements of the conductor. The superconducting filaments are twisted within the matrix to reduce magentization losses.
Matrix Material High conductivity copper, because of its resistivity ratio and high thermal conductivity, is the most common matrix material.  Other materials (e.g. CuNi or CuMn) can be used in special applications.
Insulation All standard electrical insulations can be applied - the most common being Formvar.
Availability Standard conductors available from stock. Custom conductor designs can be supplied with minimal lead times.
Supercon's conductors are manufactured to meet your most demanding design requirements on a cost effective basis. Depending on the operational requirements for the conductor, copper to superconductor (Cu:SC) ratios can be designed from less than one to over ten-to-one.  The conductor may have a single superconducting filament clad in copper, as in the SUPERCON T48B, or it may have several thousand superconducting filaments each surrounded and bonded to high conductivity copper.  Both round and shaped conductors are available in virtually any size.  Cables can be fabricated from any combination of strand designs to meet a wide range of requirements.
Standard Supercon conductors are available from stock. Custom designed conductors can be delivered with minimal lead times.  All products can be supplied for JIT delivery to meet your specified superconductor requirements.

Commercial Applications 

Supercon supplies high-quality superconducting wire to a wide range of commercial magnet applications, including:

  • High field nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometers
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) magnets
  • Superconducting magnetic storage (SMES) magnets
  • Alternating current magnets
  • Various R&D magnets

Research Applications 

Supercon has supplied high-quality superconducting wire to most major accelerator projects including:

  • Fermi Bubble Chamber
  • Fermilab Tevatron
  • Brookhaven RHIC
  • SSIC Dipole string test magnets and corrector magnets
  • Various University Superconductor Research Departments